Tony Stewart’s Sarcasm

This is a hilarious video,this was a post-race confrence on october 4th,2009 after Tony Stewart won the Price Chopper 400 at kansas,Enjoy. I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!!! CREDIT GOES TO REALPLAYER AND NASCAR.COM

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15 Responses to “Tony Stewart’s Sarcasm”

  • nosponsor97 says:

    Tony Stewart’s awesome!

  • nascarkraz says:

    I just love Tony. He adds a lot to NASCAR! Humor, Fire, Passion and hard racing!

  • 10yearnascarfan says:

    What a total Smart-ASS!!!!
    I’m getting real sick and tired of his smart attitude!
    Jeff Gordon shoulda gone back in there and punched tony in his fucking mouth! Shut him the fuck UP!

  • TStewartfan09 says:

    HEY NO PUNCHING TONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 If its ok for crybaby busch to make smartass comments then so can Tony otherwise punch him too. Lol Tony is awsome and adorable ^.~

  • MrNascarfan24 says:

    tony is a dick but a great guy

  • MrNascarfan24 says:

    fuck yeah dude

  • viktoraensland says:

    @10yearnascarfan ALL you just proved is that you’re a immature , anger prone idiot, congrats, GO SMOKE!!

  • BayleeSpiritDB says:

    HA. That guy was askin’ for it.

  • 88fanforlife says:

    @10yearnascarfan so what is kyle busch then, really if you were in tony’s postion and someones asking you dumb questions what would you do, i would rather have tony act like this than actually pushing reporters, at least he passed that stage

  • 88fanforlife says:

    i wonder if he actually took that chair, hahahaha go tony

  • minnow41 says:

    dont like stewart but… dont like gordon more! way to go stewart

  • BrainFreeze909 says:

    @minnow41 He wasnt even hating on Gordon.

  • friskycurtain says:

    Hey dude…do you mind correcting your spelling in the title…there is no “i” in sarcasm. Not trying to be a dick or a grammar Nazi but it just bothers me a bit every time I see this video.

  • BrainFreeze909 says:

    @friskycurtain ok thnx

  • redskins1111 says:

    Good for Smoke hes not a NASCAR yes man and he says how it is; wish more drivers were like him, hes alot like me he tells it how it is

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